Please note that the ONLY way to schedule time with me is to EMAIL me directly with ALL of the info I require to get together upon your INITIAL contact. 24HR advance notice required. Thank you for respecting my TIME and REQUIREMENTS.

Please let me know a little about yourself when introducing yourself & inquiring about time w/me.

  • Full Name
  • Number/Email
  • City of Meeting
  • Appointment Date
  • Time and Duration
  • InCall or OutCall

Please feel free to share other details about yourself or anything that is important to you or any other various preferences or ideas you might have while spending time with me in your introduction as well.


Over the years, I have screened many executives & owners of high profile, some globally recognized corporations, as well as ‘Celebrities’. You can be ASSURED that I employ absolute discretion and sensibility.

Please provide me with which I REQUIRE from the two bullets below. (There are NO exceptions.)

Copy of your photo ID (drivers license or passport- you may redact DL # and address only)


1 other of the 4 following options:

-Public Company Profile with an active online presence or Website w/ Photo

-Publicly Visible or Screenshots of your LinkedIn Profile w/ 500+ connections w/ Photo

-Work ID Badge w/ Photo

-Nature of your business/leisure in town and flight itinerary


Email: info@YourAdoraConnection.Com

Twitter: @YourAdora1